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Criminals use virus to take over your computer for their own illegal ends. Once they gain control, they can use it to mail spam, overwhelm networks, and steal your passwords and credit card numbers. They’ve developed many ingenious ways to infect what is yours; knowing their techniques can help you defend yourself.



Viruses and worms are both designed to spread. But while a virus requires the computer user to open software before it is able to be infected, worms have free reign in your system regardless of user actions. Worms also destroy data as they go.


Both trojans and rootkits are created to appear as a safe file or program. But once you download a Trojan, it could destroy your hard drive, steal data, install a backdoor or take any number of other harmful actions. While rootkits are meant to run undiscovered in the background where the attacker is given administrator-level capabilities as well as access to every piece of data on the system.


A keylogger is software that logs everything you type on your keyboard in order to steal data like personal information and passwords


Greyware is a term used to describe both adware and spyware. Spyware tracks what you do online in order to either steal valuable information or to report back to adware programs. Adware uses this information to display or download ads on your device they think you will be interested in. Malicious forms of adware can spam you with pop-up ads and windows that can’t be closed.


Ransomware will block your access to your data, encrypting everything or locking down your system. It then threatens to delete or publish all your data unless you pay a ransom. Even paying the ransom is no fee guarantee you will get your data back.


A backdoor is a hole or flaw in your system that allows hackers or malware in. They can be unintentionally left open by the manufacturers or created by hackers.

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Spyware that collects information about the user to relay to a third party for purchasing patterns. Usually disguised as a legitimate app.


Applications that can run in background undetected. Can be quite sophisticated and adaptable. May have capability to contact botmasters to execute commands.


Varying effects that can be mildly annoying or completely destructive. Usually are hidden and attached to applications that seem harmless. Ransomware is typically a member of this family of mobile malware. Can be quite sophisticated and adaptable.


Websites that are set up to entice users to enter, then steal credentials and personal information.


Monitors, logs, and shares information with remote servers on personal activity – text messages, emails, phone calls, voice recordings, contact lists, location, pictures, status, etc. CHARGE DEFENSE

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