Computer Upgrade

Need to upgrade your computer or laptop?

Computer Repairs Ipswich offer Mac / Computer / Laptop / upgrade services to improve the performance & speed of your Mac computer or PC in Ipswich area. We help you improve the performance and extend the life of your computer system.  We’ve been providing computer upgrade services since 2001.

We can come to your home or business at a time that is convenient for you. We can easily troubleshoot your system problems on a Windows PC or Apple Mac. Computer Repairs Ipswich IT experts can easily optimise your computer settings to suit your use. We ensure your system and security suite are as up to date as possible. Our main aim is to deliver the right services to suit you.

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Computer Upgrade

 Common computer upgrade options.  

SSD Hard Drive Upgrade
If you’re finding that you’re having issues with your PC due to space problems, it might be time for a new SSD hard drive. We’ll advise what’s best for you and get it upgraded.

Memory Upgrades
If you’re experiencing frustration due to lack of memory on your PC or Mac, we can help. We’ll upgrade it quickly and without hassle. We always recommend the best upgrades that will work with your equipment

Operating System Upgrade
It may be that it’s time for your operating systems to be upgraded. We’ll take your PC away and bring it back to you – all sorted.

Full System Upgrade
We offer full system upgrade for your PC. We’ll upgrade it quickly. Saving you time and money

Need more help?

If you live in Ipswich, Queensland, and you need any kind of computer upgrade service, please bring your computer to us or call us out. We will make sure that your devices are configured to your specifications.

computer upgrade

You can contact us here on : (07) 3155 1636

Don’t worry if the upgrade isn’t listed above we can fix almost anything on a PC or Laptop.